Superior Studio and Apartments

This Deluxe house, size 112 sq.m, is divided in to two large Deluxe apartment SSV unit 125, SSV unit 126 on the main level and one sub level fan apartment 127.

Superior Apartments 125 & 126

Superior Fan Studio 127

Superior Apartment 125 & 126

BuildingfrontSuksamran Villas is not simply Accommodation - You can feel the difference! Turtle Islands finest Resort, Suksamran Villas, lays just outside of the village Sairee towards the green hills of the beautiful island Koh Tao. Luxurious Apartments offer the visitor or long-stayer a relaxed and laid back atmosphere to enjoy either, a fantastic holiday on Koh Tao, or just a quiet and relaxed evening after work. The apartments in house three are tastefully furnished reflecting the Thai culture.

Daily rate 2,500 Baht

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Superior fan Studio 127

127insideDA superior fan studio of size 65 sq. m, designed in a tropical style, in a quite garden setting. This very spacious open plan unit consists of a bedroom area with king sized bed, cozy sitting area, fully equipped small kitchen and dining area. This suite can sleep 2 comfortably.

Daily rate 1500 Baht

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